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Who am I?

My own transformation

A Trainer Who Gets It

Everyone has different fitness goals, and as a personal trainer I take them all equally serious.

Trying to lose weight, gain muscle, increase your running pace, or even completing your first Triathlon/obstacle race can all seem like daunting tasks. I know because I've been there.

My personal training approach is to not only give you a road map to success, but also guide you every step of the way and be your cheerleader.

I pride myself in taking time to get to know you, your current limitations, and what obstacles generally have generally kept you from achieving your goals. Together we will use it all to create your individualized fitness plan and lay the foundation for a healthier life.


Knowledgeable Training Expertise

In my years as a personal trainer in Atlanta I have worked with all levels of clients and fitness levels. 

I have helped a police officer pass SWAT tryouts and I helped another client lose over 200 lbs (he went from barely taking 1500 steps a day to mountain biking as a hobby).

As a certified Corrective Exercise Specialist I have also helped countless people safely recover from (and more often prevent) exercise related injuries they thought were permanent. 

Personal training should be just that: personal. If the approach is not tailored to you, you can't expect optimal results.


Your Success is My Goal

Maybe your goal is as simple as "I want to look good at the pool this summer". Maybe it's a bit more complex, like "I want to improve my triathlon time and reduce the risk of overuse injuries" or maybe you just want to be able to keep up with your kids (or grand kids). Whatever fitness goal you hope to achieve, personal training can help you.


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